Tourism can and should be a force for local development and is a powerful tool for cross-cultural understanding.


According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), out of every 100 $ spent on vacation by a tourist from a developed country, only 5$ stays in the destination’s economy.  

Many Western tourists come to developing countries to spend their time in a bus, with a Western tour guide, staying in Western-owned hotels and driving around to « see the country ». The tour operators are trying to create a Western environment, which defeats the entire purpose of going to another country in the first place. Local people aren’t benefiting in anyway from tourists. Instead, locals watch foreign companies use up massive amounts of natural resources to build their resort fortresses while the poeple living on the other side of the walls in some areas had no access to clean drinking water – not to mention their own coastal beaches. (« Looptail », Bruce Poon Tip)




Community-based ecotourism


Social enterprises that bring underserved communities into the tourism value chain, and most of the time are giving back their profits to a Foundation arm to help even further the community (healthcare, education…).
Success stories

Hospitality Social Entreprises

Social enterprise in the tourism industry, with 100% profits going to a foundation.
Success stories

Sustainable Tourism Platforms

Internet platforms connecting travelers who want to have an impact to community-based ecotourism organizations or tourism-related social enterprises.
Success stories

  • (platform to find social entreprises offering tours and activities)
  • Backstreet Academy (platform to find locals offering unique experiences)
  • Localalike (platform to find community-based experiences)


G Adventures

G Adventures

G Adventures offers authentic adventure tours in a responsible and sustainable manner. All aspects of the tours are crafted to boost the local economy (meals, accommodation, handicrafts, transport, experiences) and sometimes include visit of social enterprises created by their NGO arm Planeterra. An annual contribution also goes  to Planeterra.

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