1. Inspire 

  • Inspire your teams with new ideas to drive the sustainability agenda, achieve your carbon neutrality targets and differentiate to become a sustainability champion in your industry
  • Change the narrative to show that business purpose and sustainability are key for success

  • Achieve alignment within your teams to innovate and create shared value for all stakeholders, including the planet

Learning Experiences (Online/Offline)

We design and organize tailor-made learning experiences / learning expeditions for corporate clients.  We have designed learning experiences for many clients such as DBS, Prudential, Ingenico, Manutan, MAIF, Suez, Swisslife, BNP Paribas, Carrefour to inspire action among their collaborators and stakeholders.


We find you the most inspiring intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs or experts from around the world to inspire your teams. Learn from the best in sustainability, and gain insights from their experience to accelerate the company’s transformation. 


We create a unique visual and interactive experience for the participants : we allocate ample time to interaction with the innovators, and within the teams, to reflect on the key learnings and reach alignment, we energize the teams with various activities, we deep-dive with UX demos, virtual tours, etc. .


We adapt the content and the formats to your needs and constraints : from learning trips into new ecosystems, to series of virtual interactive short thematic sessions, we are creative in our formats to provide the best learning experience.. 

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Check one example of a Virtual Learning Experience Program on Sustainability.

Contents (newsletters, articles...)

We are committed to amplify the impact of innovative social businesses through storytelling, and inspire change among your stakeholders.  We can help you craft and share positive and inspiring stories about innovation in line with your mission on your internal or external platforms (in English & French).

2. Identify innovative projects with positive and scalable impact
  • Develop partnerships to create more shared value for your stakeholders
  • Accelerate your open innovation efforts to achieve stronger customer loyalty, employee retention and contribute to the sustainable development goals
  • Identify macro social innovation trends to stay ahead



Monitoring social innovation

Prospective insights

Source projects / startups aligned with your purpose

We have built a database of social enterprises and we are constantly researching and analyzing new innovative business models with impact. We can help you identify and analyze trends and businesses aligned with your mission and potential partners to create shared value for your stakeholders. 

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Learning Experiences (Online / Offline)
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