Fair Warung Balé


Restaurant serving indonesian food in Ubud, Bali.  


Fair Warung Balé restaurant gives back  100% of its profits to the Fair Future Foundation and its Free Health and Medical Care programs. 1 meal = 2 free medical treatments. Their profit also funded their pediatric hospital building opened in 2016. 


Place: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Scale:  more than 30,000 people per year.


  • Saving lifes, healing sick and injured people. 
  • Improving the daily life of the local community in suffering, whether they are affected by a situation of social vulnerability, emotional or medical, or suffering from disability. 
  • Training young indonesians for a new job.


Alex Wettstein, a Swiss citizen, had been working in a medical team for big organisations for many years all over South-East Asia and Switzerland.  In early 2006, he founded the FAIR FUTURE FOUNDATION, a Swiss State Approved foundation. The foundation is purely dedicated to provide the people and children of Indonesia with free Health & Medical Care through several community and homehealthcare services.



  • In early 2011,  they decided to create another Indonesian foundation whose purposes and goals are identical: the Bali Sari Foundation, but this time composed of Indonesian board members. The Bali Sari Foundation employs local youth beneficiaries, mainly from disadvantaged areas.  
  • In September 2016, they open a pediatric hospital. 


As a Client

Going to Bali, Ubud? The food in this restaurant is so yummy that the place gets very busy in the evening. Book in advance! 

Work for them

Fair Warung Balé is constantly looking for volunteers, students, helpers and workers who are fluent in English, have marketing skills, experience in education, etc.

Start Your Own!

Got inspired to create a restaurant that benefits the local population? Contact the founder of Fair Warung Balé for more insights on the business model.