This project started when I realized that many people I knew, starting with me, envisioned a world with less inequalities, less poverty and enough resources for the next generations – but were uncertain on the best ways to contribute in solving these problems.  So, I’ve started my own research on it.  What would be the most efficient ways for each of us to have a real impact?  I’ve read a lot on that topic – from « Doing Good Better », « A World of Three Zeros » by Muhammad Yunus, « Give Work » by Samasource founder Leila Janah, « Utopia for Realists » or a lot of online resources. I went to conferences, talked with a variety of people involved in some way, visited social enterprises…

I’ve got convinced that businesses are the key to a sustainable change, so I’ve started this website to share the most inspiring businesses pursuing a bold and audacious vision that adds value to the society. I wanted to share it in a way that will make you want to discover more about them, get inspired and get involved in some way.

I’ve selected them for their innovative business models and the scale of their impact, in an effort to showcase what are the various ways of making money while making a real difference.

This is an ongoing project, so I will keep adding more visions and businesses. Don’t hesitate to contact me to give me some feedback and let me know if you found this resource useful 🙂

Thanks !


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