Choba Choba


Sale of premium Swiss chocolate. 


Choba Choba has a unique business model : the cocoa farmers are shareholders of the company. They participate in the decision making and the benefits of the company.  Also, 5% of the sales are allocated to the Revolution Fund and transferred to the communities in direct payouts and in the form of shares.


Place: Peru (Alto Huayabamba)

Scale:  impacted lives of 36 families


  • Fair remuneration of the farmers for their hard work. Being co-owner, they define the price for their product.
  • They benefit from the profits.
  • They enter in direct contact with their consumers which is of « great emotional importance » to them.
  • Empowerment and pride: from simple farmer to entrepreneur. They have a voice in the company.
  • Better unity in the community as they share a common vision.



About 8 years ago, Eric and Christoph met the cacao farmers of the Alto Huayabamba Valley through their previous jobs in the fair trade chocolate industry. Their initial business relationship quickly turned into solid friendship, considering each other part of their families today. Together they decided to challenge the rules by which the chocolate industry plays. So Eric, Christoph and 36 organic cacao farmers from two communities joined hands and founded Choba Choba in 2015. 


  • In 2017,  they launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the « Nativo Project » to preserve the diversity of cacao by  protecting rare and native varieties, creating chocolates out of them and thus fighting against the industry’s standardization of taste.
  • They want their business model to become a role model for other small scale farmers and businesses. 


As a Consumer

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Work for them

Love food and would like to contribute in the chocolate revolution?  Contact Choba Choba to know if there is a way you can help!

Start Your Own!

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