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Organization of academic co-curricular programs such as camps and debate to provide students to teach students about important global issues (environmental preservation, social justice, law, polics, public health) and skills like public speaking, persuasive oratory, diplomacy techniques, independent learning methods, research, writing and many more.  The Global Citizen also offers public speaking workshops, coding classes, as well as interview and university admission preparation courses through its subsidiary company the Impressionist. 


The Global Citizen programs charge students with competitive fees relevant to the originating region of the participant.  


Place: East Asia 

Scale:  more than a dozen schools and 30 to 100 participants in each camps


  • Foster a strong sense of global consciousness in the leaders of tomorrow, nurture global citizens who will make positive contributions to the community around them and innovate the world they live in 


After six years of debating, Walter Yeo tried to find work as a debate coach, but was surprised to find the jobs filled by insurance agents and fitness trainers.

« A lot of them weren’t debaters themselves and didn’t know much about debate. Yet, they believed that they could teach it because they had experience in speaking to members of the public, » he said.

From his encounter, the 25-year-old realised that schools lacked qualified debate coaches. Together with his friend Jared Yeo, 26,  he started The Global Citizen (TGC), a Singapore-based education provider, in December 2015 to address this shortage.

Together, they have conquered conferences around the world, bagging numerous prizes along the way such as the coveted Best Diplomacy Award at Harvard World Model United Nations 2015 and organized ground-breaking local events like Policies Not Platitutes: A #GE2015 Policy Forum – the first ever multi-party General Elections dialogue held at the National University of Singapore.


  • The Global Citizen is trying to develop a stronger global presence. It hopes to become a hub in South-east Asia for niche academic co-curricular activities within the next five years.


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