Lenddo can predict an individul’s credit risk or « willingness to pay«  based on non-traditional data derived from an applicant’s social data, psychometric data and online behavior.  Its algorithm will examine more than 12,000 data points for a typical loan applicant, to provide a score between 1 and 1,000. 

Lenddo’s concept is rooted in notion that when lending, a person’s character is as important as cash flow, income, or assets.

The solution reduces the high cost of credit assessment and verification for lenders and help millions of applicants with little to no credit history gain access to credit. 




In order to prove the concept and train its complex algorithms, Lenddo started lending on its own by setting up a lending entity in the Philippines and in Columbia.

 Once the technology was calibrated by the lending experiments, the company evolved its business model to offer its risk assessment platform to lenders in the form of an easy to integrate API.  

The company has more than 20 clients in 15 countries, such as LendingKart which offers small business loans or the P2P micro-lending platform i-Lend in India but also cloud banking platforms such as Cloud Lending in the US or Mambu in Europe.

Lenddo charges a fee for consulting and credit risk analysis, and also charges for verification and credit scoring which starts from 1-2$ per user and can go down to 50 cents on high volumes.

To scale the business faster, the company raised a combined 14 million dollars in Series A in 2012 and 2013, and it closed an undisclosed Series B in October 2015, from various VCs, including Skype founder.


Place: 15 countries

Scale:  5 million applicants ; the approval rate has increased by 50%. 


  • Gained access to loans to improve their life (education, health, relocation, start a business…). 


Lenddo was started in 2011 as an online lender in Philippines by serial entrepreneur Jeffrey Stewart and management consultant Richard Eldridge.  Its main focus initially was to improve lives of the emerging middle class in developing countries by providing micro loans for specific purposes.  Lenddo has been growing at more than a percent a day in its first year and had impacted millions of people in the Philippines by mid-2012.

Jeff Stewart’s entrepreneurial career began in 1995 with his launch of Square Eart, another tech company with clients such as Citibank or AIG. Consistently profitable, Square Earth grew at a rate of over 100% per year, merged with Proxicom in 1998 and successfully complated an IPO in 1999. He has succesfully deployed other tech startups in different industries, from a document production service to big data analytics for institutional investors to a recruitment technology.


  • The company extended its lending operations to Colombia and Mexico in the next 2 years.
  • The company launched LenddoScore, a proprietary credit rating system without any traditional banking inputs in October 2013.
  • In January 2015, after having proven that the company can underwrite loans successfully without using traditional data, the company started offering its algorithm to third parties for lending and verification purposes such as banks, p2p lenders, telecom companies and other financial institutions.. 
  • In 2017, Lenddo merge with the Psychometric credit scoring company Entrepreneurial Finance Lab  ELC, adding the user’s personality traits to the score system. 


Work for them

As a growing company, Lenddo is constantly looking for new talents.  Help them build revolutionary new technology that empowers everyday people. Headquarters are in Singapore, but they look for talents around the world.