Alison currently offers over 1000+ online courses across certificate and diploma level.



Alison is a MOOC (Massive open online courses). It  invites publishers to share courses on the platform. It makes money through advertising (on their website), merchandise (T-shirt) and the sale of Certificates and Diplomas, should a graduate choose to buy one. Cost is highly reduced compared to usual schools (cost of building, staff…). Through the online pay per click advertising revenue model, Alison has founded a business model whereby ‘learners in the developed countries are essentially paying for those in developing countries’ while providing the learning materials for free.


Place: global

Scale11 million learners, 1.5 million graduates (2017)


  • Gained skills 


Alison (Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online) was founded in Galway in 2007. Mike Feerick is a serial social entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow, and Harvard MBA who has previously created successful internet-based companies in telecoms and finance as well as online education, has had the challenges of accessing education imprinted on him from an early age. Mike’s insights with ALISON, a free online certification program, draws from his extensive experience working in e-learning, primarily through a company he founded called Advance Learning, which offered per diem online curriculum. On a gamble, he took the US$1M worth of Advance Learning content and made it free online.


Work for them have all sort of expertise needs. Wherever you are from, if you have top level skills in your field, they would love to hear from you.