We believe in human creativity and ingenuity to innovate, and in businesses with a purpose as key driving forces to create sustainable impact at scale (click here to read our manifesto).


Sharing inspiring stories about innovative business models with visions to solve the most pressing environmental and social problems and contribute to the sustainable development goals helps to change the narrative about business purpose and success, and eventually inspire individuals and organizations to positively transform their mindset, attitudes and take action.

Scalable Impact is a website founded by Céline Delacharlerie in 2017 as a personal research and journalistic project. After studying business and journalism and acquiring experience in digital marketing, she moved to Singapore where she has been working on digital transformation, innovation trends and inspiration projects with corporate clients for more than 5 years.  She has started a personal journey to better understand how businesses can balance people, planet and profit to be a force for good.   To help corporate clients get inspired and aligned, she is collaborating with Innovation Is Everywhere, a leader in learning expeditions where she works as marketing and operation manager. 

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