A global movement to make a scalable societal and environmental impact has started, and businesses have a major role to play.  That means you have a role to play too, as a consumer, investor, entrepreneur or business leader.  We need businesses to commit to more audacious visions with real impact on the society.

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Credit is the last hope left to those faced with absolute poverty. The right to credit should be recognized as a fundamental human right.

Tourism can and should be a force for local development and is a powerful tool for cross-cultural understanding.

There is a world of opportunity to rethink and redesign the way we make and use stuff. Designing waste out of the system will help protect and restore a durable use of the resources on Earth and decouple economic growth from resource constraints. 

Quality health care is not something that should be a privilege. It should be a right. Make the quality health care services accessible and affordable to low income people living in urban and remote areas. 

Justice and sustainable development should be at the heart of trade and business.  We can enable producers and artisans in poor countries to improve their livelihoods and communities through their work. 

Empowering people to assume active roles to face and resolve global challenges is crucial towards building a more inclusive and peaceful world. 

Education helps individuals escape poverty by developing the skills they need to improve their livelihoods. Everyone should be able to access to free education. 

Talent is equally distributed but opportunities are not. Everyone should get equal opportunities in life no matter the place they are born. 

Investors should invest in enterprises with long term positive impact on the society and the environment rather than only look for short term returns. 

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Samasource provides hands-on services to digital companies to enrich and label their large datasets.  Being data-driven is key for a digital business to succeed today. Samasource is a non-profit, the entirety of revenues generated are reinvested to scale the impact. 

Samasource uses a proprietary technology platform, the SamaHub, that breaks down large-scale digital projects from clients into smaller tasks for workers in developing countries or refugees to contribute. This is called microwork.  These workers are trained in basic computer skills for a few weeks at delivery centers with which Samasource partners, and paid a local living wage for their labor.

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Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is an app which uses a geo-targeted map to show users the restaurants closest to them with leftover food available for collection at special time, at great price.   Too Good To Go sells food that they buy from the stores at a great price. Stores make extra cash on food that would have otherwise cost them to throw out.   Customers win by getting a great value meal – collecting tasty food at a reduced price.
There is the option for the user to donate £1 alongside his purchase, which will go towards providing a meal to someone who needs it.

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Alison currently offers over 1000+ online courses across certificate and diploma level. Alison is a MOOC (Massive open online courses). It  invites publishers to share courses on the platform. It makes money through advertising (on their website), merchandise (T-shirt) and the sale of Certificates and Diplomas, should a graduate choose to buy one. Cost is highly reduced compared to usual schools (cost of building, staff…). Through the online pay per click advertising revenue model, Alison has founded a business model whereby ‘learners in the developed countries are essentially paying for those in developing countries’ while providing the learning materials for free.

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